Structure-Based Drug Design

The 13th Structure-Based Drug Design conference will feature the development of in silico technology as well as experimental approaches useful for accurately predicting and modeling the structures of proteins in structure-based drug design efforts. In addition, examples of successful applications of such technology approaches to genome-to-drug lead investigations are showcased.

Topics to be covered may include:

- Recent research on important targets that are amenable to structure-based drug design, such as GPCRs
- Design of therapeutic agents that interact with protein-protein interactions hot spots as targets
- Large-scale informatics framework that integrate functional, structural and expression information for contextual drug discovery
- Mining the bacterial genome for novel bioactive compounds
- Epigenetics in drug discovery
- Cellular environment including solvation in drug discovery
- Fragment-based design
- Other interesting topics




Exhibitors include Chemical Computing, Cresset BioMolecular Discovery Ltd., OpenEye Scientific, Schrodinger, and Simulations Plus, Inc.

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