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Immunomic Therapeutics Completes Enrollment for Phase I of JRC-LAMP-Vax Vaccine to Treat Japanese Red Cedar Allergy

Hershey, PA, & Rockville, MD January 24th, 2013 – Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc., (“ITI,” Hershey, PA) a privately-held biotechnology company developing novel allergy immunotherapies, announced today that is has completed enrollment for its Phase I clinical trial of JRC-LAMP-vax™ vaccine at its clinical site in Honolulu, Hawaii. On January 8th, the final of twenty-five subjects was enrolled. Subjects include patients who have previously been exposed to the Japanese Red Cedar and experienced allergy symptoms. ITI intends to complete the study in March 2013, and follow later in the year with a second clinical trial using a more comprehensive version of the JRC-LAMP-vax vaccine which will address all the major allergens of Japanese red cedar..

ITI’s CEO, Dr. William Hearl, affirmed, “Complete enrollment of this study demonstrates yet another milestone achieved by ITI. With this study set to be completed later this year, we can continue looking towards the future, advancing development of this vaccine and others within our pipeline.”

Dr. Bruce F. Mackler, Vice President of Regulatory of Clinical Affairs, Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc., said :“Successful completion of this initial Phase I trial will validate the safety and provide key insight into the mechanism of ITI’s DNA vaccines. We are looking forward to rapidly expand into testing our multivalent LAMP-vaxTM vaccine for the Japanese Red Cedar. Further, these studies play a role in the continual development of ITI’s food allergy program, which aims to treat peanut allergies in sensitive patients.”

The Japanese Red Cedar is found in Japan and causes allergies in an estimated 45% of the population. Its close relative is Mountain Cedar, which exists in parts of the United States, including Texas and North Carolina and causes severe allergies in these areas. It is cross reactive and contains homologous allergens to the Japanese red cedar,

ITI’s key advantage and promise in the realm of DNA vaccines is a result of using LAMP technology. LAMP technology induces MHC II immune pathways, which leads to an IgG immune response. Studies using the LAMP technology demonstrate an increase in CD4+ response to antigens. LAMP-based DNA vaccines hold significant potential for treatment of allergies, cancer, and infectious diseases.

About Immunomic Therapeutics
Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc. (ITI) is a privately-held clinical stage biotechnology company with lab facilities in Rockville, MD and process-development plant in Hershey, PA. ITI is developing next generation vaccines based on the patented LAMP Technology. Our LAMP-vax™ vaccine platform aims to increase the effectiveness of the immune response to nucleic acid vaccines while simplifying overall vaccine design and delivery, yielding safer, more cost-effective human and animal therapies. Our LAMP constructs have been validated in human clinical trials for cancer and have been applied to a wide breadth of targets including allergy, cancer and infectious diseases. For more information

Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc. || 1214 Research Boulevard, Suite 201, Hershey. PA 17036 || P: 717-327-1919
Web: www.immunomix.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/immunomix

about ITI and LAMP Technology please visit www.immunomix.com.

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Dr. Bill Hearl, President / CEO
Phone: 1-717-327-1919
Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc.
1214 Research Boulevard, Suite 201
Hershey. PA 17036
E-mail: info@immunomix.com
Web: www.immunomix.com

Press Release Completion of Enrollment
Issued 01/24/2013
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