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Podcast Guest Keynote Speaker on Entrepreneurial Topics

Thoughtful Entrepreneur Leader

Experienced podcast talk show Host John C Morley is an entrepreneur, engineer, and marketing specialist.

Remember, If everyone likes you than you are not bringing your A Game and it is time to step it up"
— John C. Morley
FRANKLIN LAKES, NJ, USA, December 13, 2020 / -- John C. Morley, Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Marketing Specialist and Talk Show host is here to be interviewed on your POD Cast.

John is the host of the Popular JMOR Tech Talk Show a weekly Technology show that interviews celebrity's, thought leaders in the tech space and other entrepreneurs that are using technology in a new way. For more information on his show visit:

John C. Morley has been featured on several shows: Plumb Talk Business, Book of Experts, MindDog TV, TNCRadio and many others.

Whether you are looking to learn some of the hottest trends in the industry, hear a motivational story, get the truth about technology or have a guest that understands business; John C. Morley is the person you want on your next show. For more information on his BIO just visit:

As a keynote speaker and guest, John is confident discussing and explaining how technology works, what it does, how to stay safe while using it, and what upcoming technology trends consumers can expect.

John explains that as a passionate entrepreneur and businessman, his enthusiasm and technology knowledge come across when he is speaking. His diverse experience includes working with small businesses and enterprise companies.

Two of the largest international banks have chosen John’s company to work with because of the experience and expertise John offers. He is confident talking about LinkedIn, technology, hardware, software, security, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Additionally, John is adaptable and able to discuss topical issues such as new and emerging software and hardware technologies because of the pandemic. He is also happy to discuss the changing workplace environment with employees and employers working from home as well as self-improvement and coaching techniques.

John also serves as a First Res-ponder in Franklin Lakes, NJ, Franklin Lakes Chamber president believe in educating people to pay it forward!

Reach out to us today to get John on your show!

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