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BigBlue POWAFREE Balcony Solar System

POWAFREE Balcony Solar Highlights

POWAFREE Balcony Solar Highlights

POWAFREE Balcony Solar Connection

POWAFREE Balcony Solar Connection

POWAFREE Balcony Solar Calculation

POWAFREE Balcony Solar Calculation


BERLIN, GERMANY, December 2, 2023 / -- DISCOVER MORE:



BigBlue Energy, renowned primarily for its expertise in solar panel manufacturing, has also established a strong presence in the realm of renewable energy systems. The revolution continues as BigBlue announced that it had been quietly engineering a class-leading Balcony Solar system since last year, and going to mark its debut with the name POWAFREE Balcony Solar this coming Winter 2023.

POWAFREE Balcony Solar is more than just a power station. It is a compact integrated energy storage system - a combo of a PV-Route 800 (PV controller), Cell-Pack 2500 (solar battery), and Bi-Flex 200/135/100 (solar panel sold separately). Affix to the balcony railing or privacy screen, then simply pair it, plug in, and power up!

Homes with the installed POWAFREE Balcony Solar rely less on the grid by capturing free power directly from the sun. Homeowners can take control and offset their energy usage with POWAFREE solar panels (Bi-Flex Series) and reduce their electricity bills. Alternatively, the excess generated power during the day (while away at work) can be stored by the POWAFREE battery (Cell-Pack 2500), and use this stored power at night – allowing to attain self-generation, self-consumption, and self-sustainability of power. POWAFREE offers uninterrupted power, and daily recharging with morning sunrise. To tackle high Time-of-Use (TOU) electricity rates, using stored power from the POWAFREE during peak times can reduce the energy bill.

BigBlue has streamlined the design and installation process to be incredibly easy to install, even for new entrants. Just plug-and-play! It’s an innovative solution for solar energy – not only to install on balconies and terraces but to disassemble whenever on the move. Differing from the heavy traditional solar panel, the acclaimed POWAFREE Balcony Solar offers a practical and lightweight alternative. The intuitive approach makes it similar to a household appliance, simplifying installation and usage. It is an accessible solution for self-generating clean power and reducing environmental impact. Conversely, purchasing a traditional solar system typically accounts for extra huge costs made up of design, permitting, and installation with longer wait times.

The awe-inspiring POWAFREE PV-Route 800 serves as a vital smart controller within the energy storage system. It manages the distribution of generated power; allowing for storage in the battery, direct flow to the home grid, or even simultaneous operation. Advanced features, controls, and device information of POWAFREE Balcony Solar; like the power consumption, storage capacity, and panel productivity to name a few, can be accessed in real-time from BigBlue ’s custom-specified app – ‘BigBlue Energy’ over a Wi-Fi connection. The app syncs with the PV-Route 800 - communicates directly with the Cell-Pack 2500 and performs regular system checks automatically. There are three operating modes; namely Time-Based, Watt-Hour-Based, and Self-Storage / Self-Powered. Users can toggle between modes on the app by setting their preferences to optimize for power independence with remote access and instant alerts.

The innovative POWAFREE PV-Route 800 does not have a built-in inverter, yet its seamless integration and retrofitting into your existing solar system, whether it's from BigBlue or other leading brands, is a straightforward process. It is fully compatible with top-tier microinverters and solar panels (within the accepted range). Indeed, the PV-Route 800 features a trio of independent MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar inverters, which are typically designed for residential and larger commercial solar power systems. These inverters enhance power output by continuously tracking the maximum power point of each solar input and output. The PV-Route 800 boasts an impressive IPX7 weatherproof rating, meaning it can be located on your balcony or even top terrace in the most demanding weather conditions; like dust, dirt, sand, and submersion in water up to a maximum depth of under 15 to 100cm of water up to at least 30 minutes. Not to mention the PV-Route 800 delivers long-lasting performance and backs that up with a 10-year performance warranty.

POWAFREE Cell-Pack 2500
At the heart of the POWAFREE Balcony Solar accompanied by the POWAFREE Cell-Pack 2500 – among the world’s first battery packs to work under freezing temperatures. Proud to claim, that not all solar batteries on the market can be recharged during the wintertime which doesn’t typically allow for charging below 0 degrees Celsius.

The Cell-Pack 2500 keeps charging in very cold temperatures, from minus 20 to over 55 degrees, and can handle all types of weather, making it suitable for any climate. It's a durable solar battery that works well indoors and outdoors. This resilience is due to BigBlue's innovative Complementary Optimization technology, which enhances charging performance. Additionally, it functions effectively in environments with up to 95% humidity, thanks to its water-resistant and dust-proof design, protecting it from rain and other environmental factors.

As with all of BigBlue's models, the Cell-Pack 2500 features the advanced EV (electrical vehicle) grade LiFePO4 battery, known for its safety and stability in high temperatures, and its extended lifespan (at least 4 to 5 times longer than typical batteries). It boasts around 6,000+ cycles with a Depth of Discharge (DoD) of 90%, allowing you to utilize almost all stored energy without compromising the battery's durability. Cell-Pack 2500 has a higher power density, meaning it can store a substantial amount of home energy while occupying less space.

Being able to install and/or remove this POWAFREE Balcony Solar is an absolute joy. It is made with an easy-to-assemble set of well-thought components that don’t take more than a few minutes to remove. Doing the right thing is easier than doing things right. The painstaking research and design process has resulted in the perfect all-around POWAFREE Balcony Solar system, maintaining BigBlue ’s principle of being a renewable and sustainable energy solution provider that stretched.

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POWAFREE Balcony Solar - A Revolutionary Compact Power Storage System, capturing & storing free solar power on your balcony.

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